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What are validated medical questionnaires?

Validated questionnaires are developed to analyse the severity of illness and its influence on patient quality of life. Questionnaires are designed by a group of experts to measure a series of parameters on a large-scale sample of patients before the application in clinical and scientific studies. In some fields of science, questionnaire is the only method how to describe symptoms caused by the illness.

MESS system for data collection using validated questionnaires

MESS system helps data collection and analysis to be more effective for physicians and medical personnel, to reduce the costs and environmental impact. MESS system is able to upload the data across various healthcare facilities and countries. Processed and analysed data provide large amount of information for research.

The list of patients is available to each physician´s computer (local sever in relevant hospital department). Each patient receives diagnosis and management. On the basis of the diagnosis, the patient receives the concrete questionnaire to fill out from a physician. After each medical examination the data is collected about the medical procedure.

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Questionnaire is integrated into electronic tablet, where the patient enters the specific enter code to fill out the form. Since the tablet is unlocked for a patient, it is possible to enter the data and answer the questions (entered by patient or with help of medical personnel).

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Filled out questionnaire is transferred to a local server where it is processed and analysed.

At the same time fill out data is uploaded directly to the central server, where collected and analysed. Central server downloads only anonymous data – sensitive patient data remains in the concrete hospital department where it is filled out.

MESS system helps data collection from all operators of the system. MESS system provides the database of answers to WHO questionnaires and availability to following research.