• What type of questions are used in the questionnaire?

    Each question is identical to that used in paper-base form. System enables using all types of questions.

  • How to view the data from the questionnaire?

    Collected data are viewed in a common browser after login into application as an administrator.

  • Is it possible to export data?

    Yes. Data export is possible in format xls or csv.

  • Is it necessary to fill out the form off-line?

    It is possible to fill out the questionnaire off-line. Completed questionnaire must be synchronized with central server, for such step wifi connection is necessary.

  • How is patient data secured?

    Tablet is completely anonymous and has a passcode enabled. Each patient receives its own code number to enter the questionnaire to fill out on tablet.

  • Is data collection anonymous?

    All sensitive patient data (name, personal identification number) is anonymous before transferring to Central server. It is possible to trace individual medical examination of a patient in Central server but wihout name identification.

  • What types of questionnaires are available in MESS system?

    Currently, MESS system manages following questionnares: KHQ, ICIQ-UI, OABq, PFDI, PFIQ7, Vaizey, Wexner, POP SS, PISQ-12, PISQ-IR, FSFI. It is possible to add a new questionnaire according to clinical practice and /or physician specialties.