Medical Electronic Surveying System

MESS is a system for electronic data collection by means of validated questionnaires using electronic tablet. Provides centralized questionnaire contruction and administration, easy and safe fill out by patients with immediate results evaluation and availability to Physicians.

Innovative solution of data collection from patients by means of e-tablet questionnaires with immediate data transfer to physicians.

How the system works in practice

It is very simple
  • Centralized administration of validated questionnaires

    Central server designs questionnaires which meet approved standards, collets data for physicians and/or statistical evaluation.

  • Local server with patient administration in hospital department

    Questionnaires are available to each hospital department for assigning to a concrete patient and gain information about treatment of a patient.

  • Questionnaire selection and filling out

    Physician selects the concrete questionnaire for a patient depending on diagnosis and management. Patient fills the form out on the tablet individually and/in private way.

  • Questionnaire data processing

    Fill out data is uploaded directly to the server, analysed and sent to a physician. At the same time anonymous assessed data is downloaded to central server for statistic analysis.

System offers several advantages

  • system automatization

    Automated data

    collection and evaluation
  • výhoda systému

    Costs saving,

    easy to use, environmentally friendly
  • výhoda systému


    sensitive patient data remains within one department
  • výhoda systému

    Centralized app

    Application administrator designs questionnaires
  • výhoda systému


    all users of MESS system have an access to total statistical data
  • More effective data collection using MESS system

    MESS system replaces paper-based forms, lowers the costs and administration, brings benefits in approach to statistics within department and/or globally.

  • Central server

    IT department of LF UK oversees the Central server. Central server designs validated questionnaires, oversees the network system and collects statistical data.

  • Local server

    Each department comprises its local server. Patient data including statistics is uploaded to local server where a physician assigns the concrete questionnaire to a patient.

  • Tablet

    Thanks to ergonomic application developed each patient fills out the required questionnaire individually and/or in private. Application security ensures protection of sensitive patient data that remains private and secure against misuse by third parties.